'The sacred act of birthing new life into the world, is one that should be experienced in a space of love, comfort and safety, wherever that may be'

Private Midwifery Care

Our Midwife offers women continuity of care with the same midwife throughout their pregnancy,  birth and the six week post-natal period.  Continuity of midwifery care is the best standard of care a woman and her family could experience. This private midwifery service is available to women on the Atherton Tablelands and coastal surrounds. Owned and founded by registered endorsed midwife, Tanya Fleming, Our Midwife offers woman centred; evidence base care aligned with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) midwifery standards for professional practice and follow the safety and quality guidelines for privately practising midwives, set out by the NMBA.

It is well documented in the literature that working in partnership with women in continuity of midwifery care models, leads to improved safety and outcomes for mothers and babies.  Our Midwife offers bespoke midwifery care focussing on the woman’s  view points, expectations, and aspirations.  Care is guided by the woman’s right to self determination and choice, whilst encompassing the unique needs of her family, her baby, her significant others and her community.

Our Midwife prioritises working collaboratively and synergistically with other midwives & health professionals to provide holistic care for women and their families.  We offer a high standard of safe and collaborative maternity care that is informed by the Australian College of Midwives national guidelines for consultation and referral; integrating care with midwives, medical practitioners and other health professionals as required.

Current share care agreements with the Atherton Hospital, Mareeba Hospital and Cairns Hospital provides an established communication pathway for Our Midwife to collaborate with midwifery and medical professionals, to discuss, consult, refer and or transfer care to hospital if required.  Our Midwife works with a collective of other private midwifery providers, to ensure adequate back-up care is available.


Antenatal Care

Labour & Birth Care

Postnatal Care


We trust, nurture and honour the spirit of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and believe in the strength of women to grow, birth, nourish and nurture new life into this world. Our Midwife believes that birth is a woman’s sacred rite of passage to motherhood that holds life-long significance on the health & wellbeing of mothers, babies, families and communities.  

Our vision is to be “with woman”, providing true midwifery care that supports women throughout the transformational journey of pregnancy, birth & motherhood.  Nurturing a relationship built on the foundation of trust, our aim is to partner with women and their families to empower them to lead their childbirth experience.  Our Midwife will protect and support the journey of pregnancy and childbirth as a normal life event, driven by our belief and trust in the power of natural birth.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Midwife?

A midwife is a qualified health professional registered and/or legally licensed to practice midwifery and use the title ‘midwife’; and who demonstrates competency in the practice of midwifery. A midwife is an expert in caring for healthy women and their babies during a normal pregnancy, birth and post-natal experience. Being experts in the realm of normal puts the midwife in the perfect position to identify variations from normal and to consult and refer to other health professionals as required.

Is it legal to have a homebirth?

Yes. It is currently legal in Australian for women to choose to homebirth. Privately practising midwives are required to meet safety and quality guidelines defined by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. However, there is currently no insurance or medicare rebate available for the homebirth component of private midwifery care.

What will it cost to have a homebirth?

The total cost for the full circle of continuity of midwifery care (pregnancy, labour/birth and six weeks postnatal care) can range from $4500 to $6500 depending on medicare rebates, and added travel fees.

Will I get a Medicare Rebate?

Medicare rebates apply to private midwifery services received for antenatal and postnatal care only. Up to approximately $1500 may be refundable.

Can I claim private midwifery care on my private health?

Check with your private health insurance. Some policies do cover you for private midwifery care.

Do you travel to my area for home birthing?

Our Midwife is located in Atherton but will gladly travel to most areas of the Atherton Tablelands within a 30km radius.  Distances further than 30km or 30 minutes from Atherton will incur added travel costs & will depend on availability and bookings. 

Can you still be my midwife if I choose/need to birth in hospital?

Yes. Women choosing this can still have the same continuity of midwifery care experience as those birthing at home. Tanya will provide you with antenatal care and help you arrange your birth care with your chosen hospital. Tanya will meet you at the hospital during labour and birth and provide a support and advocacy role whilst the facility midwives will provide clinical care. Postnatal care will continue with Tanya as your midwife at home once discharged from hospital.  (Note:  this service may be impacted by COVID restrictions).

Can I still hire you as my midwife if I am deemed “high risk”?

Yes. However the involvement of other care providers in your care is likely to navigate complexities of your care, however you can still obtain continuity of midwifery care antenatally and during the postnatal period. As mentioned above the birth care we provide in hospital would involve a support and advocacy role only. Clinical care is carried out by the facility midwives.

Meet with Our Midwife

To assist families in making a decision about whether Our Midwife can meet your specific needs for maternity care, we offer an obligation free ‘meet and greet’ catch up, giving you the opportunity to discuss your expectations and have your specific questions answered. Please feel free to enquire via email if you would like to arrange this.

Our Midwife

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